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We'll teach you & your Sales Team (future Affiliates you enroll) to use Facebook the right way and start making money for you and them and also customize Our Personal Brand Development & Social Media Traffic System for you and your new member.


30 years in business has brought me down a road where I am finally in a position to help others on their journey of financial freedom Watch and earn as YOU AND your enrollees progress thru our 6 Step Social Media Mastery. 

Training Level

We're going to start you and your prospect out with Facebook video training at no cost. Discover the basics of Personal Branding.

Logo Level

Then we're going to creata a Custom Logo for you and your Team, and you'll GET PAID!

Website Level

Then when we build you and your Team each your own Websites, you get paid!

2 Socials Level

This Level we build out optimized Facebook & Twitter profiles for you and your Team, and you get paid again.

4 Socials Level

Now we build out your Instagram & LinkedIn profile(s) for you and your Team, and you get paid again.

6 Socials Level

Finally, we'll build out an optimized Pinterest profile & YouTube Channel for you and your Team, and show you how to use it - and you get paid incredible RESIDUAL commissions at every turn.

Detailed Sales Dashboard For Affiliates

People Love UCM Social!






If you landed on this page that means you are searching for a better life and more income. Here are 4 ways we can help you in both those areas:

  • NO COST TO JOIN - Very few opportunities want to prove that they work without a cost upfront. When you join we give you 100% access to our system for 14 days. We DO NOT even ask for your credit card or any other payment information, so there is NO way for us to charge you until you are ready. We want you to test drive oursystem and see how good it really is. So the question is... can you afford free?
  • ACCESS TO HOT LEADS - When you join TCP, we have training that shows you how to suck hot leads out of social networks for free. Imagine tons of people begging to see your offer and wanting to join you. Our turn key funnels have already proven this for our members. You will also have access to buy leads below wholesale, at our exclusive member price, that have already said they are looking for an opportunity. No need to bug friends, co-workers or family members ever again!
  • WEEKLY PAY - From day one, we have never missed a Friday payday. We pay out thousands of dollars every single week. Our pay is residual, not just one-time commissions. We are talking about a walk-away income you can count on, because our system is so good, retention rates are huge. We have members that have been with us for years.
  • MARKET ANY PRODUCT - Not only can you make a huge income with TCP’s Lifestyle System, but we show you how to market any product and/or service with our killer tools that will only make you more money. We have trainings on several pre-built affiliate funnels for multiple businesses you can plug into or use your own.




When you offer everything everyone needs and wants, it’s no wonder why so many people join us everyday.

  • UNLIMITED CAPTURE AND LANDING PAGES - Our platform makes it so easy to build high-end pages with zero technical skills, using our Drag and Drop Page Builder. You get UNLIMITED capture and landing pages that we host for you. You can easily build as many sales funnels as you want for any product or service.
  • WE MAKE VIDEO EASY - Take any YouTube™ or Vimeo™ video and just drag and drop it in our pages. Add as many videos as you want on a page.
  • MOBILE CRM APP - Instantly, when someone fills out your capture page, you will get a mobile notification on your cell phone. You will see which page the lead came in on and be able to call, text or email from inside the app. Our app is included and available for both Apple and Android devices.
  • UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDER - We include an Unlimited Autoresponder with your membership. You can create UNLIMITED Autoresponder series and send emails out to UNLIMITED contacts every day. You can also do email broadcasts. Go price out "UNLIMITED" on any other Autoresponder... this offer is unheard of in the industry.



We know you want to get paid and live a ridiculous lifestyle, right? Then all you need to do is plug in to a proven system. We aren’t a new company; we’ve been around for years and we have a solid track record of helping create successful entrepreneurs. There is NO GUESSING here. We have tons of testimonials that already proved our system works. So what are you waiting for?

  • LIFETIME MONTHLY COMMISSIONS - As long as you stay active you will get paid every month on your active customers. We pay out every single Friday.
  • COOKIE MONSTER - All of our affiliate sites have cookies embedded for a lifetime of earnings. So we make sure you get credit for all of your sales. Someone could have gone through your site a month ago, then wait to upgrade until today and you will still get paid on the sale.
  • PROVEN SALES FUNNELS - Our funnels are already built for you and they work. When used right they suck more leads off the internet than you have ever experienced.
  • FOLLOW UP SYSTEM THAT CONVERTS - Some of the top copywriters online, who are responsible for producing millions of dollars in sales, work for TCP and have written our Autoresponder follow-up series and our video pages that do the telling, selling and explaining for you.
  • MARKETING TRAINING - We have online marketing pros teach you how to market. We show you how to dominate on social networks and help keep you from common mistakes that reduce results. All very easy and laid out in a step-by-step system anyone can do.
  • ADS WRITTEN FOR YOU - Our expert marketers not only show you how to advertise step-by-step, they also give you the exact ads to post. Can you copy and paste? If so, there is no reason why you can't be a success. These ads are already proven to work.
  • MAKE $10,000 PER MONTH - As soon as you join, we are going to send you a video showing you exactly how and what it takes to make a $10,000 per month income.



I'm Looking For Online Entrepreneurs Who Want To... 10X THEIR INCOME USING A DONE FOR YOU SMS TOOL

Hit the button below to begin your tour of SMS Phone Leads

If You Want...

  • More leads daily / weekly
  • Higher conversions
  • Too become the "Hunted" v.s the "Hunter"
  • Have a 15-20 Minute "Work-Day"

Then hit the button below to start making all of the above a reality

What's The Product?

You'll Get Your Own "Done For You" Inter-Active Phone Funnel

Here are the cliff notes as to how your new Inter-Active SMS Phone Funnel will help you attract new leads and make more sales starting this week:

  • Benefit #1: Did we mention it's "Done For You"?

All of the scripts, copy, recordings, etc.. are already in place. All you do is select the product category you want to use (i.e. promote SMS Phone Leads, Big Ticket or Generic / Make Money) and BOOM… everything is instantly put into place, ready for you to start attracting a horde of new leads that get funneled directly into (YOUR) sales funnels.

  • Benefit #2: Advertise (1) Number

Why complicate your day to day routine anymore than it already is. Promote (1) number. Make life simple again.

  • Benefit #3: Collect cell + 1st name + email

This here is my favorite. I can automatically collect my prospects cell #, 1st name and email address from (1) number. And then… have that info sent to me via text message, instantly! Click + Call + Collect. This is what we refer too as ‘Automatic Prospecting’

  • Benefit #4: Promote whatever you want

We’ve set up (3) done for you templates that you can choose from: SMS Phone Leads, Big Ticket , or a Generic / Make Money template. All of which are designed to get the prospect engaged in some sort of conversation with you about your particular opportunity. Big Hint: Conversations are the {NEW) currency moving forward!

  • Benefit #5: Easy set up... average set up time is less than 5 minutes

You hate complicated set ups? You can’t stand reading a 31 page PDF filled with ‘step by step’ instructions? Well, welcome to the club! Neither can I. Which which is exactly why you can activate your new Inter-Active SMS Phone Funnel in as little as 5 minutes from now, without any of the typical ‘techy” headache stuff.

  • Benefit #6: You can use this offline or online... doesn't matter!

You hate complicated set ups? You can’t stand reading a 31 page PDF filled with ‘step by step’ instructions? Well, welcome to the club! Neither can I. Which which is exactly why you can activate your new Inter-Active SMS Phone Funnel in as little as 5 minutes from now, without any of the typical ‘techy” headache stuff.

  • Benefit #7: It's an awesome feeling to have people coming to you v/s you chasing them

Here’s a little marketing tip that you can use moving forward…

When you put pre-qualifiers in your marketing systems, it quickly weeds out the time wasters, leaving you with the folks who have a genuine interest.

By having your prospects do certain tasks, such as being able to follow instructions, provide particular information, answer questions, etc… it makes them pre-qualify themselves to you. Why is that important, you ask? Because you don’t want to waste your valuable time talking to every “Tom, Dick and Harry” who raises their hand. Therefore, if they want to be a part of your team and leverage your systems, they have to qualify themselves. You’re just not gonna give it too them. I just gave you a $9,000 coaching tip! You can thank me later!

For example… imagine you did a ringless voice drop to 10,000 prospects on a Tuesday afternoon. The C.T.A. (Call To Action) is to call your personal cell phone for a “free” 1:1 consultation. Now, take a wild GUESS as to what would happen if you did this? You’d get every joker in the deck blowing up your phone, asking you every possible question under the sun about who you are, what’s this about, what company are you with, how much does it cost, is this a job, etc…?

It’d be a complete NIGHTMARE!

Come on, you and I both know it would be! Well, the SOLUTION would be to put a Inter-Active SMS Phone Funnel between YOU and your PROSPECT. So lets do the same ringless voice drop to 10,000 prospects on a Thursday afternoon but this time around, you use your (NEW) Inter-Active SMS Phone Funnel number as a “buffer” between YOU and the PROSPECT. In other words, they have to go through your “hoops-n-hurdles” (aka, pre-qualfication process) BEFORE they can get a chance to talk to you.

Now you’re using a SYSTEM. Now you’re marketing smartly. Now you’re leveraging automation + technology to ‘sift-n-sort’ the prospects quickly, leaving you more time to connect and inter-act with the people who are most qualified and ready to buy / join your opportunity, products, and services.

Where's The Money?

Welcome To The Land of Instant $37 Payments!

A lot of affiliate programs make you wait 30-45 days (if not longer) for your money. Not here. Our system will (INSTANTLY) send you $37 for each and every buyer our system collects on your behalf.

Here's how this works, in 3 simple steps...

Step 1: Sign Up

Once inside SMS Phone Leads, you'll want to sign up for a (FREE) Stripe account. If you have an existing Stripe account, you can use it. Otherwise, you'll need to sign up for an account, which takes about 20 minutes to activate.

Step 2: Collect

Each sale our system tracks and completes for you, you collect 100% of the $37 payment. Which means if Bob buys from you, you get the $37, paid directly to you, even if it's 4 AM.

Step 2: Collect

Each sale our system tracks and completes for you, you collect 100% of the $37 payment. Which means if Bob buys from you, you get the $37, paid directly to you, even if it's 4 AM.

Here's how this works, in 3 simple steps...

You can earn your first commission in as little as 2 hours of signing up!

(We’ll show you how this can be done!) <<< See $10 Option on the Sign Up Page!

Today's Price $37 One Time (No Monthly Payment)

How About Some Kick-Butt Bonuses To Go Along With Your Order?

Join SMS Phone Leads Now And Instantly Qualify For The Following (6) Fast Action Bonuses…

Bonus #1: Vault of SMS Training

Here’s just a snippet of what’s inside the Vault:

  • The best way to sell SMS Phone Leads with the least amount of resistance is by _________!
  • The money you make from referring others to SMSPL may (NOT) buy you a Lamborghini, but it can cover your ___________ expenses and make everything _________ __________ .
  • When you add this (1) thing to your outbound emails, you can instantly trigger a "spider web effect".
  • Why you don't need to spend $297 on the Press 1 Cash program. Hint... you already have it!
  • Basic review of terminology used... sms + rvm + Lcp + clicks + opt-in, etc..
  • Your smart phone will now become your "Mobile Marketing Command Center".
  • Conversations are (MONEY)... the more convos, the more (MONEY) you'll make!
  • Wha'ts the fundamental purpose behind a story page?
  • The (ONLY) objective to your SMS campaign is to capture the _______.
  • Grab a $10 domain name and make it simple, clear and direct
  • Buyers List... The cliche states "the money's in the list" , but there's more money in this list!
  • Back End Commissions... $37 payments are fun, but the real money is what comes after the fact.
  • Big Dogs... Don't get freaked out if some hot shot racks up 40 sales over-night... stay consistent!
  • How To Get Leads In As Little As 1 Minute A Day Using Strategic SMS Seduction

I could go on and on and on, but I think you get idea. The Vault is a mammoth pile of money getting information!

Real Street Value: $597

Bonus #2: SMS Voice

Our original flagship product within SMS Phone Leads that paved the way for 1000s of users worldwide to start seeing results, within hours. What is it, you ask? It’s a 24 hour voicemail system that you can use to promote any program, system or opportunity you want.

And what’s cool about SMS Voice, is that anytime a call or text message was received by the number, it triggered an auto text message right back to that persons phone. Talk about “Continuing the Conversation”. (Oh, and there’s a whole training about that one concept inside The Vault!)

Real Street Value: $597

Bonus #3: Custom Branded "Story Page" That Connects You To Your Prospects

No need to pay someone a couple hundred dollars to make you a story page. We’ll give you one for free, inside of SMS Phone Leads. It’s a page that you can customize with your own story based video, social media channels and even allows your prospects 1-click access to you via Facebook Messenger. You can also have a link to your primary program listed as well.

What's a Story Page, You Ask?

A story page is typically used in one of two ways:

A: “sandwiched” between your lead capture page and your primary programs info page. Like this:

First, you collect the opt-in, which 9 times out of 10 will be a ‘cold lead’, ie., someone (NOT) familiar with you or what you represent. So instead of immediately going into full-on presentation mode, which isn’t good for you or your prospect, you create a buffer where the prospect can learn more about YOU in a safe space. The reason this is important nowadays is because your prospect is often times more interested in you, your story and why you choose to align with your primary program, even more so than his or hers interest in the biz opp itself.

Having this bridge page in place allows you to connect with your prospects and helps you position + pre-qualify + pre-sell, all at the same time.

B: a page you could use to help ‘break the ice’ so strangers become friends. Like this:

Who Are You? → STORY PAGE → Oh ok, you seem cool

Regardless of your tactical approach above (A or B), the end result is the same, i.e., you want folks to start to know + like + trust you.

Real Street Value: $597

Bonus #4: How to make instant sales via Live Stream

Have you ever considered going "LIVE" via Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, but was too scared to make it happen, out of fear that you'll do or say something stupid?

Well, you’re not alone. I think we’ve all had those same paralyzing thoughts at one point or another. The (GOOD) news is that you don’t have to be afraid anymore. The reason being is because I’m gonna give you access to a private 90 minute training that was recorded by one of our top affiliates, teaching specifically how to leverage live streams to make instant commissions.

To say that this could be a game changer for you would be an understatement. Imagine if you went live via Facebook on a Friday afternoon for 20 minutes, and afterwards, that live stream was watched by 100s, if not 1000s of people, some of whom ended up buying from you. You’d be making instant commissions, while you ate dinner with your family, was at the movies or sleeping in bed at 4:30 AM. (FYI… few things match the euphoria of waking up to see sales accrue while you were sleeping!)

Real Street Value: $197

Bonus #5: The $262 + $20/mo Sales Funnel!

Have you ever considered going "LIVE" via Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, but was too scared to make it happen, out of fear that you'll do or say something stupid?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sweeter than they already were! Not are you getting a high quality + high valued product inside of SMS Phone Leads, but now we’re giving you the chance to collect up to $262 per customer + $20/mo in ‘back end’ residual commissions.

Everything’s already been done for you. All the pages, sales copy, upsells, product delivery, hosting, etc.. is done. You have a turn-key system to making sales. All you have to do is connect your (FREE) Stripe account and BOOM… instant commissions can begin to flow your way.

Real Street Value: PRICELESS

Bonus #6: 200 SMS Credits

To help get you off to a fast start, we’ll preload your new SMSPL account with 200 credits, so you can literally hit the ground running!

Real Street Value: $2

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the virtual sms phone number (aka, SMS Voice, See Bonus #2) difficult to set up?

A: No! Not at all. Inside of SMS Voice, everything is laid out, in a step by step format. Average set up time from start to finish is about 15-20 minutes. If you need help, we do offer email as well as phone support.

The Done For You Inter-Active Phone Funnel is even easier, as all of the ‘hard stuff’ has already been done.

Q: I heard that you need credits? Can you explain that further?

A: Yes, absolutely! Every mobile marketing platform that incorporates SMS (text messaging) and/or Voice Messaging (ringless voice drops) will use ‘credits’.

Think of credits as “FUEL”, i.e., like a car engine needs gasoline. With gas, your cars engine will run. Without gas, the engine will shut off. Same concept applies here.

Now, before you go off thiking this is a bad thing, understand something. It’s perfectly normal to have to pay a small amount of money to use other peoples networks / platforms. Think of toll roads, for example. You pay a couple of dollars to be able to drive 80 MPH on an unobstructed highway.

It’s no different here. You pay a few pennies to be able to leverage Phone Funnels that bring you back leads and sales. When done correctly, the cost is trivial. In fact, we’ve priced our credits to be extremely competitive, as low as .012 cents per text and/or completed voice drop.

Q: But why am I required to pay for credits?

A: The mobile carriers such as At&T, TMobile, Sprint, etc.. control the networks, the cell towers, etc.. Therefore they charge users (folks like you and I) a small fee to be able to broadcast via their network.

Q: Is SMS Phone Leads available to users (OUTSIDE) the U.S.?

A: Yes, we have many international friends using and leveraging the SMS Phone Lead platform.

Q: Can I get additional sms phone numbers?

A: Yes, you can. They are $3/mo per number. Each number can be set up to run a different campaign. For example, say you have 2 sms phone numbers. You can run 2 different numbers for 2 different campaigns. This way you can see where the leads (prospects) are coming in from.

SMS Number #1: Use it on a postcard campaign
SMS Number #2: Use it with ringless voice drops

Q: Why can't I just 800link?

A: You can! No one is stopping you. The big difference between us and 800link is that they provide just a 24 hr voicemail number for $9.95/mo. We give you a lot more added features for a one time fee.

Q: I'm interested in the ringless voice drops? Where can I get more info?

A: The RVM (Ringles Voice Mail) is available as a optional service. After you purchase SMS Phone Leads, you’ll have the option to buy it.

Q: Is there an affiliate program for SMS Phone Leads?

A: Yes! You can collect 100% of the commission ($37 + optional order bump @ $10) via Stripe + 50% on the optional upsells.

Q: What exactly am I getting for my $37 one time?

A: Sms Phone Leads gives you your own 24 hr Inter-Active Phone Funnel, which helps sort + select all of your prospects for you. You can use it to advertise any program, system, product, service or opportunity. This is a powerful marketing tool used by newbies and top earners, alike!

Q: Do I need any technical skills?

A: The quick and direct answer is NO! You do (NOT) any technical skills. If you can copy-n-paste, then you can set up your mobile number within minutes.

Q: Are there any monthly fees?

A: There are (NO) monthly fees. The $37 is one time.

Q: I see you offer a RVM license. Can you provide more details please?

A: Yes, an an optional upsell inside the SMS Phone Leads Sales Funnel, you can snag an unlimited RVM license for only $40/mo. That’s an (UNLIMITED) account, which means you do 1,000 a day or 100,000 a day, all dependent on your budget, your offer, your schedule, etc… Plus, unlike our competitors who offer RVM, we won’t ‘scalp’ you on the RVM fees. Ours are priced so you can actually do a large scale campaign without fear of breaking your bank account! How low you ask? How about .012 cent per completed drop! So 1,000 drops would cost you only $12.

I'm Completely Blown Away By The Value You're Giving Away Here Today!

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You'll Get Inside of SMS Phone Leads When You Get Started Today:

  • BONUS #1: SMS Vault Real Street Value @ $597
  • BONUS #2: SMS Voice Real Street Value @ $597
  • BONUS #3: Story Page Real Street Value @ $250
  • BONUS #4: LiveStream Sales Real Street Value @ $197
  • BONUS #5: $262 Sales Funnel Real Street Value @ PRICELESS
  • BONUS #6: SMSPL Credits Real Street Value @ $2

Total Package Value:

Snag This Insane Deal For Only $37 One Time

Sorry, Still Not 100% Convinced This Is For Real

These comments were taken from real buyers, folks like yourself, who bought SMS Phone Leads

You Ready To Have Your Own Inter-Active SMS Phone Funnel Bringing You New Leads Straight To Your Cell Phone?


About Easy1Up

Easy1Up is all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition by continuing to learn and develop new strategies. So what we have done is put together five different courses that are already making an impact for people around the world. These courses offer many hours of training to keep you up to date on some of the latest trends in the market.

Elevation Basic

Easy1Up is all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition by continuing to learn and develop new strategies. So what we have done is put together five different courses that are already making an impact for people around the world. These courses offer many hours of training to keep you up to date on some of the latest trends in the market.

Elevation Elite

Elevation Elite course is the next level after basic that goes deeper into the video aspect of marketing such as youtube and Udemy. You’ll learn a lot about what you can do with video to drive more sales into your business. You’ll notice that most of the social networks now are really driving video right now because it is vital when it comes to getting your content out your target market.


Our “Vertex” course is our in-depth course that dives into many different areas but the primary focus is in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn about how to sell a product that someone else created for a commission. Not only do we go into how you can be an affiliate for someone else but you even get walked through how to launch your own product and attract affiliates for it.

Vertex Elite

Vertex Elite is our course that really dives into how to generate free traffic online. By free traffic we mean without paying for advertising. Another area that is covered in this course is Drop shipping, which is how to sell a product and have another company handle all of the shipping for you. This is a great way to run a business online.

Vertex Pro Connect

Our Vertex Pro Connect training course offers hours of really powerful training on how to do Facebook paid marketing ads. Facebook paid marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to start generating traffic to a website. It both cheap and very targeted as a result of all of the information facebook stores. This course is your opportunity to begin to tap into that market starting now.

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